Tmall promo code
Promotional code for local stores tmall with a black cat - zozi20al30 (300r discount when ordering for 2400r)
Only for delivery from the Russian Federation.
Promo code in AliExpress
Aliexpress made a personalized promotional code for all products, minus 200 rubles for orders over 1600.
Should start working tomorrow and approximately until the end of August.
Code: zoziaug20
Hurry up! TechPort
Attention! Hurry up! TechPort cashback upgrades, only 3 weeks!
New promotional codes Ali.
Catch the exclusive Aliexpress coupon codes.
Valid for delivery to Russia and the CIS except Ukraine.
Valid already until July 20, a discount of 200 rubles for an order from 1600 for any goods:
Cashback from Booking ✈
✈ Please do not worry, we know about the problem with "Booking". We are doing everything to restore work.
Change to "Take"
If initially the order was worth more than 1000 rubles, but the amount changed and became smaller, the commission will be canceled.
If the order is 1000 rubles. will be divided into several separate orders, the commission will be charged.
A restriction on the amount of commission is introduced if the user has completed more than 2 orders per month. If the user has 3 or more orders, then for all orders you can get up to 1540 rubles.

The amount of commission for the first two orders is not limited;
If the commission amount since the third order has exceeded the limit, then the commission is paid in full for this order, but subsequent orders are not paid within a month;
All orders of the user are considered, even completed from different accounts;
If the order is divided into several, the reward for each is considered separately.
How not to lose cashback? ❤
3 rules on AliExpress Sale.
1. As you probably already know, there are exclusion shops in AliExpress with a rate from 0 to 1%, we added a convenient search to this list, check through this search if you have goods from these stores in the basket, if so, then We recommend finding alternative stores in AliExpress.

2. If you add goods to the basket in advance and if you buy coupons, be sure to activate our cashback before that, otherwise then it will not count. And of course, do not forget to activate it additionally before paying.

3. Beware of services to determine the prices and reliability of sellers, links to products in groups and YouTube channels, your cashback may go to them.
❤Xiaomi and +100 more stores
❤ Search on Zozi to find stores you need.
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