Found a cashback service with big bets? Send us the link through the form below and we will return the same + 98% from the difference, but first, let's look at cases when you can be deceived:
1. If you see crossed out% or the start or end time of the cashback is indicated.
We have real, constant bets. If you find a big bet, then make sure that there are no crossed out numbers, dates, or any statuses, because this means that the bet is temporary, for example: only for beginners, only for the first purchase or is limited by certain periods.
2. If there is no detailed betting information on the page where the cashback is activated.
Remember, each cashback has different rates for different categories of goods, if you do not see any detailed information on the percentage of the cashback you are interested in, for example, you see the inscription "up to 5%", then there are hidden conditions, for example, those that we described in the previous paragraphs.
Always check with the technical support of the cashback service under what conditions the promised interest is calculated and what percentage will be when the current one ceases to operate.
Also, specify the commission of withdrawal commissions, for example: we do not have any withdrawal commissions at the Light and Trial tariffs, at the Max tariff there is a commission of up to 18%, but at the same time, it remains more profitable than other market rates.